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Hydro Jetting



Hydro Jetting Sewer Chicago Services Are the Ones to Contact when Your Sewer Line Gets Choked


A choked sink or toilet can be a very inconvenient thing. It can lead to sewage water backing up in the home, and causing very unhygienic conditions. The stink of such overflows is very overpowering, and definitely indicates that you as a home owner need to take some drastic action, to clear the clogged sewer lines.


Getting in professional help makes good sense. It is possible for homeowners to locate the blockage on their own, but this can mean inspecting all the chambers that carry the sewage to municipal or other sewage disposal schemes. There are some plumbers who have CCTV equipment that is attached to a probe that is introduced into the pipes that have got choked. It can identify the location and give an experienced operator a fair idea of the problem that has to be confronted. Hydro jetting sewer Chicago is the way to go for most plumbers nowadays, as it makes for a very effective and fast method of clearing sewerage line blockages.


Once the blockage is located, a nozzle is introduced into the sewerage line from the nearest inspection chamber, upstream of the blockage. This nozzle is then connected to a high pressure water pump, which delivers a very great force at the end of the nozzle. It can clear almost all blockages, and will do so very quickly. The sewerage line also gets very effectively flushed out and all solid matter is pulverized because of the high pressure. The operation is continued until such time that it is felt that the complete flow has been restored.


Many plumbers prefer to use this hydro jetting sewer Chicago means in addition to using rodding or going through the sewer line with an electrically operated cable machine. Rodding or cabling loosens all the material and the application of the high pressure jet, then ensures that all this loosened material is carried away. When only rodding or cabling is resorted to, there is no guarantee that the debris is completely removed. Any debris left behind, can become a nucleus for further debris to accumulate, and lead to choked drains, again after some time. That is why hydro jetting sewer Chicago is the right way of finishing the cleaning job.


A number of sewer lines that pass though garden or other well planted areas, can also suffer from intrusion of roots into sewer lines. These roots act to decrease the flow and also add to debris getting collected on them. Hydro jetting can be strong enough to destroy such roots and thus lead to a completely free drain. Restaurants tend to collect a lot of grease from their kitchens and this does lead up to build up in drains that then get clogged. It is very advisable for restaurants in Chicago to go in for a hydro jetting sewer Chicago service every three or four months, so that the sewer lines are always cleared of the grease and there is no chance of the sewer line getting clogged.


Most hydro jetting sewer Chicago services have such equipment mounted on trucks that have mounted gasoline engines that are used to create the pressure. Some of them may also come in with their own source of water, thus making them completely self contained units. Pressures in these machines can be as high as 4000 pounds per square inch, and at this pressure there is almost no blockage that can withstand it without breaking down.


Hydro Jetting, also known as Hydro Scrubbing consists of sewer pipes being scoured by a stream of high-pressure water, which is strong enough to cut through and clear out any debris in your sewer lines.

As an alternative to sewer roding, when a traditional method cannot remove the clog in your pipes, hydro jetting uses a device called a hydro jetter, consisting of a large tank of water, a high-pressure hose, and a machine that pressurizes the water into the hose at high rates.

Most importantly, hydro Jetting can easily cut through the most stubborn roots and debris and remove built-up mineral deposits and other obstructions clogging the inside of your drainage line. Last but not least, a hydro jetter is also used before pipe lining in order to remove any debris present into the existing pipe.


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