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Leak Detection


Why You Need A Pipeline Leak Detection Chicago Service

You may or may not know it yet, but Chicago loses 10% to 18% of its water during “transmission”, that is, water is lost even before it reaches a neighborhood or a business establishment. People who work on the pipelines know that this is caused primarily by leaky underground water pipes.

When you do the math, the amount of water lost EVERYDAY is astounding. A modest community in Chicago typically pumps 5 million gallons of water and at 10% loss, 500,000 gallons of water is lost within a 24-hour period. If water costs $3.96 per thousand gallons, the city loses $1,980 in revenue to water leaks. That's $722,700 annual loss for one community alone. Imagine how much money is lost if the entire Chicago area is accounted for.

This is the reason why it's important to hire pipeline leak detection Chicago professionals. These people do their work by mixing art and science. First, they literally stand on the ground and, using a device, listen for sounds that are out of place. The sound of an approaching car, the spring of a squirrel's tiny steps, or the steady drum of water flowing through pipes are normal. What these people look for are sounds that scream 'leak', like a high-pitch screech in the case of a copper pipe.

After they've identified any leak, they then try to locate the exact location of the leaky pipe. To do this, they use a line detection device, which works by comparing the frequency of free-flowing water and the actual frequency being heard.

In the past, water utility companies had to dig large tracts of land or concrete just to find and fix leaks. These days, however, even the process of fixing a leaking pipe is done automatically through a hydro-excavator.

Pipeline leak detection Chicago services are most useful during winter, when pipes are more vulnerable to breaking. These companies are actually taking a more pro-active approach to managing water leaks. Instead of waiting for leaks to break out, they routinely comb the Chicago area for any leaks. This cost-effective approach is also protecting Chicago residents from property damage due to a leaky pipe.

While private utility companies make it part of their service, in many municipality-owned utility companies, these services are hired for some time and discontinued when the revenue isn't enough to cover the cost. The cost of fixing leaky pipes and leaking water, however, is greater than the cost of preventing leaks from happening. Also, a lack of revenue is oftentimes the result of water just leaking to the ground and not finding its way to an end-consumer.

You don't need to rely on pipeline leak detection Chicago services all the time to prevent water pipe leaks. You can do your part . If you see a pool of water that doesn't seem to go away and has fresh water in it all the time, it might be that there's a leak somewhere underground, in which case you need to report it to your utilities company.

Leak Detection

Leak detection is our specialty. We will advise you on the quickest and most affordable way to fix it for you and get the leak repaired cleanly with minimal disruption to your home or business.

If you have leak in your wall or deep underground don’t put off getting it fixed. Leaks cause a lot of damage, waste of money and water, and are an environmental hazard in the case of sewer lines.

If you suspect that you have a leak inside your walls, you need to call Sewer Drain Cleaning Chicago immediately! Our skilled technicians will find the source of your leaks and fix them, and thus prevent mold growth and damage to your property.

Similarly, if you have high water bills that don't have a good explanation, you may have an underground leak! If you have water leaks anywhere on your property, give us a call and we will pinpoint the location of your leak and fix it! As a bonus, we will then tell you how to prevent leaks in the future!

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