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Line Location


Why Choose The Best Sewer Line Location Services Chicago Has To Offer? Here's Why!

There are several different reasons that a homeowner may search for the best sewer line location services Chicago has to offer. No matter the reason, the company that you choose must be equipped with the best tools to get the job done right.

One example of needing such a service would be if you have decided that you want to install an in ground pool. You do not want to hire a company to come out and start digging a big hole in your yard until you know exactly where all of your sewer and water lines run through your property. The last thing you need is to have them hit your lines and make a big, expensive mess. When you hire the best sewer line location services Chicago has to offer, they will find and mark exactly where the lines run.

Your sewer lines may become obstructed. How do you even begin making those repairs if you cannot find the lines? You would contact a sewer line locating service. A lot of times, people purchase their homes without even questioning where things like this are positioned. Once the lines are all mapped out for you, it will save you time and aggravation now and into the future.

Maybe you have decided to add an apartment over your garage. If so, you will need to find your sewer lines to tie into them for the new addition. Sure, you could go out and start digging up your yard trying to find where you could tap in, or you could call a service like this and have them locate the lines without disturbing your lawn.

You should keep in mind that not ever pipe locating service is equal. Some will have more sophisticated tools that will help them complete the job more accurately. Some equipment will not go as deep as others, so if your lines are very deep, they will not be able to locate them. Some devices will only go as deep as 15 feet while others can penetrate the ground as far as 80 feet under. Not every device will be able to detect both metal and plastic pipes at different depths, so be sure to inquire about the type of devices used and what they are capable of.

Just as the equipment may vary, so will the quality of service. You want to find a company that has a solid history in your community. You need to know that you will be treated in an honest and professional manner from the very first phone call until the job is done and paid for. Start assessing this from the initial call when you contact the company to get an estimate for the work you need. Some companies may offer free estimates while others may make you pay, but could deduct that fee from the final bill.

Finding the best sewer line location services Chicago has to offer is easier than you might think. You can get the job done right the first time and be satisfied with how things worked out for you if you take your time in finding the company you hire.

Line Location

 Sewer Drain Cleaning Chicago offers the service of line location in order to pinpoint the direction and depth of your sewer pipe and locate your septic tank.

 Points are located with the use of our camera, which has a built-in transmitter to allow for pinpointing the exact location of the camera head while underground. It locates buried curb traps, clean outs, septic tanks, distribution boxes, water boxes, manhole covers, breaks in drain lines, and the location of drain lines and much more.

 Whether you've moved into a new house, or just need a refresher, we can tell you exactly where all of your utility lines lie. The best part is, we can do this without causing any unnecessary property damage. Our state-of-the-art equipment and methodology can find all kinds of hidden utilities, including water lines, sewer lines, septic lines, and irrigation lines.

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