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Sewer Cleaning


Sewer Cleaning Chicago Professionals Handle Blockage Immediately

The lingering odor should have made it plainly obvious but now you're left with no choice but to hire a professional to clean out your sewers because a job like this needs to be done properly or risk having it escalate to something worse. In the following article, we'll talk about ways to make sure you have the right people for the job as well as some tips to make sure you don't run into this problem again.

When looking for sewer cleaning Chicago experts, one has to do the same due diligence they perform when researching for any other professional. Begin by asking local family, friends, and co-workers for any recommendations and comparing them to reviews you can find online will give one an idea on choices to start with. Find out which cleaning companies will do an inspection before they give you any quotes as this would be the best option and help demonstrate their abilities and professionalism.

Most sewer cleaning Chicago companies will use some sort of jetting or high pressure water system to clean the sewers as this is a very effective method to do so. Inquire if they are a complete team including licensed plumbers since many times while dealing with the sewer problem, issues like collapsed pipes for example may come up and having a plumber to assess the problem immediately versus having to search for another professional will save plenty of time.

Also, getting a solid estimate after inspection and prior to the work from your chosen sewer cleaning Chicago professional first is a good idea since some contractors will charge hourly and this can add up quickly if not predetermined up front. Of course accounting for the unforeseen should be in your budget but a good company can help you mitigate the costs.

Areas that are older may also have issues where tree roots can be a problem since they've had many years to grow large and tall. These same roots can cause damage to your sewer system, which can also run into some electrical issues as well. Professionals can expertly navigate through all these problems, leaving you with clean, smoothly functioning drainage.

Prevention is always the best policy so after your sewage system is cleaned, make sure to do your best to avoid any potential issues in the future. Only flush toilet tissue and no other outside debris. Tampons, sanitary napkins nor diapers should never be flushed and avoid dumping cooking oil into your toilet. The grease will stick to the pipes, which will attach to any materials that comes its way and clog up the system. Educate your kids not to throw toys or anything else into the toilet as well.

As one can see, the sewage system is not something we think about a lot until something is wrong with it. Properly maintaining your drainage system and following the above mentioned tips can prevent most issues but when necessary, hiring a professional is the best route in order to fix your problems immediately.

Sewer Cleaning

We have the latest technology and expertise to handle all your drain cleaning needs from bathtub drains and kitchen sinks to mainline sewer stoppages and sewer repair. 

Because we have seen it all, there is nothing we haven’t handled before. Call us today and we solve all your problems guaranteed!

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