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Sewer Repair



Your Sewer Repair Chicago Options Explained To You


When it comes to sewer repair Chicago, many people don't know much about the subject. As a matter of fact, this pretty much keeps people in the dark on the subject until they have realized their sewer system needs major repairs. What brings this about? Well, it's a number of different things because sewers all over the country are set up differently. There is also much dispute sometimes as to whether a person is supposed to have to pay for this or if the city should have to pay for it. It really all depends on the local laws and regulations regarding sewers and homeowners.


In Chicago, it can be quite expensive for a person to have to pay for sewer repairs, say after a huge storm surge. One thing that people have been doing about this is the private drain program. The word is spreading for more and more people to get involved with this. This can save you from that 5 to 10 thousand dollar repair bill that hist consumers after an event that disrupts and damages the sewer system.


While the private drain system does have to be maintained by you the homeowner, statistics show that it is estimated a person will save so much money over time. Yes, you have to pay for the maintenance and rodding of your private drain. But you see if there is a problem, the inspector comes out to investigate. They determine whether the problem is in your private drain or the main sewer. If it is in the main sewer, then you are exempt while the other homeowners have to pay.


Of course if there is a problem in your private drain, then you have to have it fixed. It's recommended that you have a city sewer contractor come out to do this work. Of course then a house drain inspector is also contacted to help with the rodding and all.


Also, if the break is on the public side but obstructs your private drain, then a person from the Department of Water Maintenance will be the one repairing your own private drain line at no expense to you. So for sewer repair Chicago, you really are better off if you explore the private channel for handling your sewer.


I have had the experience of looking into this private drain sewer system. It has already benefited me once during a huge storm last year. Normally, I would have been charged, but I had the metaphorical line drawn between the public sewer and my private drain. When the inspector came out and noticed that the problem was on the public side but obstructing my drain, that was all the proof I needed for the fix but not having to pay for the repairs. It was a good feeling because without finding all of that out, my sewer repair Chicago experience would have been rather devastating and expensive. So, I am really glad that I made the decision to take care of this matter in this way.


Sewer Repair

Don't let damaged sewer lines ruin your life.

Our expert services include repairing tankless water heaters, storage tank heaters and commercial water heaters. We also offer copper re piping to fixtures and repairs, as well as leak detection.


If you need to replace a sewer line, and you want it done without huge piles of dirt all over your yard, you need to call us right away!


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