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Sewer Rodding


Sewer Rodding

For Sewer Drain Cleaning Chicago sewer rodding has never been easier. By using a hand snake or powersnake, we are able to clear natural build-up from drain and sewer lines. Whether you have a clogged toilet line or a leaf and debris clogged culvert, we have the equipment, personnel and training to clear that obstruction.

Rodding the sewer lines basically means cleaning the inside of the sewer lines with specially designed equipment. The accumulation of tree roots is typically what slow or stop your sewer. Grease and organic matter can also lead to major obstructions and drainage problems such as unexpected discharge and flooding. 

That's why sewer rodding or drain cleaning ensures that sewer mains are clear and that drain pipes run smoothly.

You May Need Sewer Drain Rodding Chicago if You Have Choked Drains

It can be quite annoying when a drain refuses to clear easily and completely and causes dirty water to back up within the home. This can lead to quite annoying and nauseating situations, besides being very unhygienic. Such blockages can occur in washbasins, tubs, toilets and kitchen sinks or any other fitting or equipment that needs to use water. Clearing the blockage in most of these is a fairly simple affair and can be done with drain cleaning solutions, a plunger and other tools. Occasionally, a trap may have to be opened to clear the blockage.

It is when such stoppage of drainage occurs further down the line and in sewer lines that carry out the waste to septic tanks or municipal sewers, that they become more of a problem. You then need to check all the inspection chambers that are part of your sewer system. Start with the one closest to the home, which you will obviously find blocked and overflowing. Remove the cover of each chamber, till you ultimately find one that is dry or contains very little water. Obviously the blockage has occurred in the line between this chamber and the previous one.

Every home, wherever it be, can face such problems, and you would need to go in for sewer drain rodding Chicago if your home is in that city and you are faced with such a problem. Drain rods are made of supple canes that can be screwed to each other to form large lengths of the rod. So, open the chamber that you have found dry, and go on inserting the drain rods while adding fresh lengths. At some stage there will be resistance to the rod, and then you will know that you have reached one end of the blockage in the sewer. You can then twist the rods to allow the end to go further into the blockage and loosen it. When you are doing this sewer drain rodding Chicago operation, make sure that you twist the rods in the opposite direction to which they are screwed, otherwise the rods may loosen and drop off into the sewer. Go on pushing till the blockage is clear and the blocked up water from the previous chambers starts flowing through.

Quite often, you may find the first chamber itself dry, and then you will need to infer that the blockage is between the soil pipe in the home and the chamber. Most soil pipes have access doors, and these can be unscrewed and the soil pipe will have to go through the sewer drain rodding Chicago process. One length of pipe should be sufficient for this.

If the blockage is between the last chamber and the public sewerage system, you may need to get the blockage cleared by the authorities, though an attempt can be made from the last chamber. When a blockage is very persistent, you may need the help of an agency that has better equipment. Many of these agencies used high pressure jets or compressed air to clear blockages, and will do a far more effective job.

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