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Video Camera Inspection


Sewer Video Camera Inspection Chicago Makes for a Non Invasive Procedure That Can Save a Lot of Bother

Sewerage and waste disposal is very important for any home. There are times when such disposal lines get choked or function less efficiently than they should. This is when it is possible for the dirty water to back up in sinks and toilets and spread into the home. This can carry dangerous bacteria into living areas besides the obvious nauseating odor that it can generate.

Old homes normally have pipes buried deep inside the ground and any blockage in such lines does become that much more difficult to access and rectify. This is when you need to have the services of an agency that can carry out such inspections without digging up the area. Modern day plumbing contractors have adopted the technology of sewer video camera inspection Chicago, for professionals based in this city. Most blockages are caused by collection of debris and other solids that inadvertently get into the drainage system. In the case of old homes, with a lot of plantation around, such blockages are caused by roots of trees that invade the drain pipes and impede free flow of sewage. The exact location of such blockages is very important, as this can greatly reduce the work to be done. This enables the plumbing service provider to dig up only that portion of the pipe that shows the leakage or blockage, leaving all other lengths undisturbed. There are times when pipes, especially older ones, crack or settle and lead to joints being opened underground.

Sewer lines are inspected laterally over the entire length by using sewer video camera inspection Chicago methods. In this procedure a specially designed video camera is inserted into the sewer line that has to be inspected. The camera forms one end of a very flexible cable that allows the camera to be carried to desired spots. The images from this camera are conveyed, through the cable, to a computer screen that gives visible images from areas being inspected by the camera. It is necessary that the ends of these cables or the camera itself carry lighting devices that enable the inspected area to be clearly seen. With the advent of LED lighting devices this has become a fairly simple affair.

Once the camera is inserted into the drain line, the length of the line is carefully inspected so that all blockages and damages are pinpointed. The length of the cable is noted wherever damage or need for attention is desired. This allows the agency to then assess the work that needs to be carried out for the repairs or removal of debris, and the methods needed to carry them out efficiently. Agencies may use simple rodding, electrically drawn cables or power jetting to remove any blockages. Damaged pipes or joints may require the area thus pinpointed to be physically dug up, to access the area in distress. But as this is normally limited to just one or two spots, this sort of physical intervention may be minimal.

Sewer video camera inspection Chicago has gained wide acceptance as a professional tool for most reputed plumbing agencies in this city. It is also possible to hire out such inspection apparatus, and these operators will then give a detailed assessment based on such inspections, that will enable further work to be carried out.

Video Camera Inspection

Video camera sewer inspection of pipes and sewer systems is becoming more and more important. This technique uses a digital camera, attached to a screen for real time visualization that can also be recorded, which is essentially attached to a push snake rod inserted down the pipes in order to inspect the inside of these pipes that would otherwise be inaccessible.

These plumbing cameras can help visualize clogs and damage to pipes and sewer systems quickly in residential and commercial buildings. Finding the root cause of the problem in a pipe or sewer system in a timely manner will greatly increase productivity. Thus, being able to use a pipe camera to visualize problems will help fix any plumbing problems the first time they occur.

Last but not lease, identifying and knowing the specific nature of a plumbing or swere problem will also help better determine the most efficient way to deal with drain problems, resulting in saving time, effort, and money.

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